Get a New WordPress Product With Private Label Rights Every Month... and Save a Lot of Money!
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All The Products That We Deliver Through are Distributed Under The Following Terms,
To Protect Our Members.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How Does the Membership Work?
With your signup, you'll get your first 2 products (+ bonuses) with PLR. Then, every 30 days (counted from the date of your subscription) and until you keep it active, you'll receive a new WordPress Product with PLR.

Which Kind of Products Will I Get?
WordPress Products (WordPress Themes / Plugins). 1 Every Month. All the products will be new (which means that you will not get PLR to products for which we previously sold PLR).

Are Updates Free?
Yes! Product Updates are 100% Free For Active Members.

Do You Offer Refunds?
No, sorry not for PLR.

Will You Keep On Developing WP Products Without Private Label Rights?
Yes. And if we decide to later create modified versions of some of these products with PLR, you'll get them through this private website!

In the cases that we to this, these modified apps won't be the same as our original apps (to protect our end-users), but of course, you'll be able to profit from them!

Do I Need to Be a Coder To Rebrand The Products?
No. Anyone can rebrand them. Just download a PLRTribe product, use our rebrander and your product is ready to go. No complex things, no nothing.

With it you can A) Instantly Rebrand Our PLRTribe Plugins + B) dd Your "Buy" Button to Each Sales Page without coding, HTML etc!

Which Are The Rights For Each Product?
Please Take a Look at the Universal Terms For Our PLRTribe Products. We're adding some flexible PLR terms to protect our members (please make sure to read those terms).

Will the Price of My Subscription Be Locked?
Sure. As long as you keep it, the price will be locked, no matter if we raise the price (which will be applied to new members).

Can I Cancel My Membership Subscription?
Yes, You Can Cancel Future Payments Through Your PayPal Account (you have to do it from there as we have no control over your account).

In case you cancel your membership account, you'll be able to access to your account until that day, but you'll still be able to keep PLR to ALL the products that you've got during your membership.

Can I Re-Subscribe Again In The Future?
Sure, but it may not be a good idea to do so as initially, you'll start receiving products that you may already got during your previous subscription as your account will begin from zero:

You'll start with Product #1, then (in 30 days) you'll get Product #2 and so on. In addition to this, you may get your subscription at a higher price. Honestly, it's not a good idea.

Need Help With Something?

Please contact us and we'll get back to you within 10-12 hs (Monday to Friday).
As The FTC Rules Require, We Want To Let You Know That Results Are Not Typical. We Obviously Don't Guarantee or Imply That By Using Our Products You Will Get Rich or Make Any Money At All. We're not responsible for the way you use our products. And That Your Income or Results, if Any, Will Vary. - All Rights Reserved